Ego and Atelier: the Abimis kitchens that do not look like no other

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Nate the great international experience of Prisma in professional catering, but designed specifically for the home environment, Ego and Atelier are two lines Abimis designed to customize, emphasize and make unique the experience of cooking in all its phases.

Designed, therefore, to create an environment 'adjusted' on the movements of the cook, ergonomic, balanced between aesthetics, innovation and design.

The kitchens Abimis born to be eternal. Made with innovative industrial Prisma, are produced with steel AISI 304, biologically neutral metal that does not emit odors, makes no substance on foods, resists corrosion, at temperatures up to 500 ° C, it cleans very easily and is 100% recyclable.

Feature that makes unique kitchens Abimis is their 'tailoring': carried out on the project, are in fact working to measure carefully crafted, from different types of rooms to finish, the thickness of the steel doors to the work plans.

The kitchens Abimis are divided into two lines from the same steel core, but with different construction types:

The line Ego, With the wing radial wire swing fully integrated in the structure, for a great aesthetic effect, and with a hinge pivot of new conception, patent Abimis, completely invisible and that does not need to be adjusted.

The Atelier, With doors listed boxy and plans in different finishes and materials, with and without handles and zipper traditional. Natural woods, painted and stones, both for the top and for the doors, they heat the aspect, addolcendone the square lines.

Ego and Atelier unique kitchens are able to adapt to every need, but also emotional elements, functional tools, union of wisdom and multifunction, can accommodate the most varied instruments and to focus the act of cooking, finally, the Figure of the cook.

Abimis five phases

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