Personal effects

Personal effects it has been modified: +2011 di Enrico Maria Pastorello

YOUTOOL is the first social network dedicated to companies and designers, YOUTOOL organizes workshops customized multimedia on-demand

YOUTOOL in collaboration with Vectorealism presents the second workshop on-line PERSONAL EFFECTS, a reflection on the objects we consider basic and indispensable in the life of every day, analyzing and developing the design process for the creation of objects of personal use through the system of professional laser cutting and engraving, technology promoted by Vectorealism.

The on-line workshop is aimed at designers, designers, graphic designers, professionals and students. Through 2 video, Briefing and Learning, and interaction offered by the tutors will be able to learn the technique of laser cutting and submit your idea for a project in Digital Fabrication.

Designers can submit their ideas by December 5 2011

Participation in the workshop is FREE PERSONAL EFFECTS after registering on the site.

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