Duka, of the 'specialists tailored'

Duka, of the 'specialists tailored' it has been modified: 2014-03-05 di socialdesign magazine

Easy to install, embellished with sophisticated technical details and made by production processes constantly subjected to strict controls, le duka showers I'm certified from the beginning of their life cycle, and for this they are able to ensure unparalleled quality.

Specialist 'tailored', duka è able to meet customer demands even when there is the need to provide solutions that require a personal cuts of different products, without giving, from time to time, the fundamental qualities of practicality and aesthetics at the base of the corporate philosophy.

Nowadays, the compressed and structured spaces of most of the apartments of cities and small loft, require versatility and dimensions of the furniture increasingly limiting. In this context, duka itself as the best choice because, thanks to its know-how which led her to achieve great success worldwide, can make, when required, each product adaptable to any environment in which you want to insert.

Le showers 'special' duka does not require renovations or changes in layout: Front walls, cuts, grooves, roof slopes and uneven floors are not so, obstacles, but lines on which to model the shapes of your own cabin. Duka showers, famous for rigorous design where proportions and volumes are designed to provide, in addition to professional aesthetics, also a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you can shape it, Always preserving an urban and refined look. Adhere to the space, Dress it and become one with it, in environmental compositions articulated and personal.

To distinguish the duka international market is its indisputable skill in the details which, combined with the approach anticipator in respect of technologies, has led duka to produce a series of valuable elements able to give value to the cabins, making them the true stars of the bathroom. Among these, the innovative Stop & Close which facilitates the movement of the sliding door, the hinges flush glass, the sliding bearings adjustable and the system of UV bonding, the technology developed by duka, the efficiency guaranteed.



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