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Dornbracht / new single-lever mixer Pivot it has been modified: 2013-06-17 di jessica zannori

With the new single-lever mixer Pivot, Dornbracht It presents the first faucets used throughout the kitchen area. Pivot combines refined aesthetics and extreme functionality. The particularly long arm - 55 cm extension - Allows a range in 360 ° and it meets the highest standards in terms of flexibility and comfort in the kitchen. Thanks to a range in 360 ° can be reconciled with each other, without any effort, the various activities taking place in the kitchen.

The product name is derived from the French word "pivot" (pivot, pivot), referring to the design of this type of valve, which becomes the heart, the core of the mobile kitchen area. The versatility of Pivot is also coordinated to the Dornbracht Water Zones to obtain excellent results in complex operations for the preparation of the food and for cooking. The practice knob located directly on the spout ensures easy use and ergonomic.

The reduced form, watermarked, blends with the discreet design of the Tara Ultra series. Pivot translates minimalist perfection of the whole series in a new and unique type of taps that stands out for its sculptural character. The lever without carving emphasizes the clear language of form, making Pivot alternative style to showers removable. Single-lever mixer valve for hot and cold water, Pivot complete lines of high-end Dornbracht with a valuable proposal premium, ensuring even more comfort in the kitchen and responding to the specific needs and expectations of the user.

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