Dornbracht eUnit Kitchen: the first electronic solution for the kitchen

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Dornbracht eUnit Kitchen: the first electronic solution for the kitchen it has been modified: 2013-06-18 di Benedict Flowers

Dornbracht presents the first electronic solution for the kitchen, Based on a product of 2011 Study: eUnit Kitchen. Thanks to this innovative concept Dornbracht continues its path towards technological leadership in the kitchen sector.

To analyze the work processes in the kitchen, Dornbracht has studied in detail the functional areas in which they develop. The product study examined the added value provided by the free fittings in applications in the kitchen, to understand how to benefit from standardized workflows. The results of the study have been used internally to develop exclusive electronic solution eUnit Kitchen.

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eUnit Kitchen provides technology and service at the highest level for the manual steps: dispensing, regulation of the flow and water temperature, as well as control of the drain. The different functions are combined and can be retrieved through a single control element. An application logic, simple and intuitive, facilitates the processes of work, leaving more time for creativity in preparing and presenting the dishes and to entertain guests.

In particular, Sensor Foot new concept is a detail of value that adds comfort to work in the kitchen. It can be used for opening and closing the supply of water and to carry out transactions without manual intervention, Effectively making them a "third hand" when both hands are busy or dirty, the sensor provides a hygienic solution and practice to meet the needs related to water.

Led by professional kitchens at home kitchen, the sensor foot allows a more efficient management of the flow of daily work. eUnit also allows dose the water, Providing dispense precisely and exactly measuring the quantity required for the preparation of a recipe, by reduced doses for the oven up to larger quantities, necessary for example for the cooking water of the pasta.

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The minimalist design of the control elements fits optimally in the basic design of modern kitchens, creating a change in the unit consists of fully integrated taps and sink. The control elements are aligned to the workbench, left free for the preparation of its food and support the kitchen items, and light up when they are gently used, indicating the activities in place and giving a particularly sensitive issue in eUnit and a suffused touch atmospheric environment.

In product development it paid special attention to ease of installation - in a "plug and play" - and small footprint.

eUnit will be available mid 2013.

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