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I'm a creative. Not you. It is a transversal project to approach and gather all the operators in the field of communication and design with the intention of generating a point of contact between people and professionals, in order to promote the exchange and free flow of ideas. The goal is to give visibility to all those who want to show their spirit


L'ironia of a phrase chanted as children, the simplicity and style of the graphics, the bright colors of the thoughts of those who always has something new in mind are our manifesto. The creative workshop Dimomedia Lab thought to be able to approach and bring together all players in the field of communication and design in a Facebook group named "I am a creative. Not you". The aim was to bring together professionals and amateurs, from the world of design and image in Italy in an official group on the popular social network and a dialogue with the young veterans, amateurs with professionals.


The project started in early 2009 with the intention of generating a point of contact between the various Italian personalities, even geographically distant from one another, operating from a creative point of view, so as to promote the development, exchange and free flow of ideas .
In parallel it was then launched a line of shirts and accessories times to promote the creation and dissemination of the initiative, taking advantage of the occasion to give both a discrete echo the concept of non-negligible Made in Italy.
The t-shirt, which is still for sale, are characterized by the simplicity of their modern graphics having a central square and a monochrome text in Helvetica left justified. The motto is of course always the same: I am a creative. Not you declined in many different colors, symbol of the vitality of the act of thinking.


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