Diesel with foscarini / HEAVY METAL

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A sober vintage shape in contrast to the rough surface and rough, industrial look: there is all the personality Diesel in a lamp that looks like it just came out of a mechanical workshop but maintains the elegant style of a XNUMXs Parisian office.

In floor and table, Heavy Metal is a lamp of character, that is to adopt the structure that for the hat a turned metal subjected to a particular treatment by the artisan taste: an acid bath that change color in different ways and compactness of the material, making each piece unique and valuable . The treatment does take the material, by nature dark and cold, reflections of natural oxidation - green, ocher, blue - usually obtained only through the passage of time.

Added to this is a strong sign as welding, which further underscores the strong character of Heavy Metal.

To purchase a table lamp Hevy Metal by Diesel with Foscarini directly online
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A lamp characterized by strong contrasts, that recur in comparing the coldness of the material and an extremely warm light, diffused by a glass disc opal place to close the diffuser.


In the floor version, a metal structure, consisting of three legs interspersed with two circular shelves (one fixed, the other removable and branded Diesel), raises the diffuser facing upwards, where a beam of light is directed . The light source also illuminates downwards, on the top, making this version of Heavy Metal perfect to be combined with a sofa or armchair.

To purchase the floor lamp Hevy Metal by Diesel with Foscarini directly online
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With two shelves Heavy Metal can also be used for lean a book, a plant or ...... .a good cocktail!

Even in the table version the light is diffused both downwards and upwards, with an enveloping and suffused atmosphere effect.

Determined and with character, Heavy Metal maintains all the merits of craftsmanship and handmade objects, so there is no one alike.

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