Marzio Design for ddplus: 4U kennel and bowl Foodprint

Marzio Design for ddplus: 4U kennel and bowl Foodprint it has been modified: 2013-08-25 di Benedict Flowers

Il designer Maurizio Di Marzio presents two of his new objects the doghouse 4U and bowl Foodprint. Dedicated to our pet friends, they are born with the intention of meeting precise functional requirements, with the aim of providing solutions in an innovative aesthetic way that is consistent with modern furnishings.

Big ears that characterize the kennel 4U and paw print makes a unique bowl foodprint want to be the expression of the presence of our friend in 4 legs in that environment and at that family context.


The kennel 4U and foodprint bowl are available in ABS + acrylic, colored transparent methacrylate transparent methacrylate screen printed by hand.

The pillow made with durable fabrics are removable, washable and sides are reversible, with black pattern on white and vice versa. All materials used are recyclable, and respectful of the value of sustainability.

doghouse skylight

The foodprint bowl presents a perimetric containment edge for water and for the food, and three recesses, of which two are intended to dry food and wet food.

All materials are resistant to scratches and bumps, as well as being easy to clean.

pet bed-settee



The kennel 4U bed and foodprint bowl bowl are manufactured in Italy from ddplus.

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