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Kitchen tools and unpublished multicolor, to furnish with style at the heart of your home.

The kitchen is the heart of our home, where we live in the most important moments of family life: this is where we eat our favorite dish at the end of a long day, socialize and share thoughts with friends and family, cook a cake for the person beloved, we rest with a nightcap before going to bed ... That's why it deserves to be furnished and decorated with the tools available, Innovative design and attractive, colorful and witty: to eat, socialize, share, argue, make peace, cooking and rest ... but with style and a touch of humor!

The kitchen tools are made with great attention to design, but also the practicality, materials and nuance, especially in the kitchen because it is important to be surrounded by beautiful objects that convey joy and positivity. Here is a selection of must-see:

  • The FRIDGE choice Stop & Walk is a mini-fridge in the kitchen ideal to keep and carry in every corner of your home, always handy to have on hand the favorite drink or a fresh snack! Made in Spain, is available in white and red; measures: 25,5cmx17,5x24cm. Cost € 63,00.


  • The SUGAR CLESSIDRA choice of Stop & Walk is the most original way to sweeten your drinks ... every grain is a passing moment sweeter! Made in Spain in clear acrylic, measures: 20,5cmx8cmx8cm. Cost: € 12,45.

Sugar Hourglass

  • The SUGAR BALL of choice Stop & Walk protects sugar thanks to sealing of the door. Made in Spain in acrylic, is available in white, green and orange, measures: 10cmx11cmx10cm. Cost: € 10,15.

Sugar Sphere

  • The Stop & Walknon RACKS choice is a simple dish drainer, but unaccessorio witty that will transform the plan of your sink in a green grass! Made of ABS in Spain, measures: 6,4cmx25cmx29,5cm. Cost: € 23,65.

Plate rack

  • The TIMER BOMB choice of Stop & Walk is an explosion of sympathy for those who would rather blow up that eating an overcooked pasta. Made of ABS in Spain, measures: 6cmx6cmx7cm. Cost: € 9,00.

Bomb Timer

  • The GRATER CHEESE-choice Stop & Walk is a practice that allows even grater to collect and store the cheese in the refrigerator for storage. Made in Spain, plastic and steel, measures: 10,5cmx9,8cmx18cm. Cost: € 17,00.

Cheese Grater

  • The SIZE PIZZA SLICER SCOOTER choice of Stop & Walk is an absolute must-have for lovers of pizza: "Vespa" Washable plastic wheels-stainless steel blades, made in Italy, cost € 11,90.

Pizza cutter Slicer Scooter

  • KNIVES "SIZE WITH STYLE" of choice Stop & Walk are the most colorful and chic to cut, fillet and chop foods: made of stainless steel with a non-stick coating and ergonomic handle, thanks to the bright colors allow you to easily associate each knife to his function! Cost: from € to 13,10 19,25 €, depending on the type.

Knives Cut with Style

For creative cooking and solar, that reflects your character and style colors everyday, choose the kitchen tools signed Stop & Walk. And are also available promotions to grasp: a discount of € 10 on the first purchase at a cost of more than € 60, and the ability to earn credit for purchases, sharing with friends passion for Stop & Walk.

Be unique, be Stop & Walk!

Stop & Walk

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