De Rosso, Ali-Ante system

De Rosso, Ali-Ante system it has been modified: 2018-10-08 di derossosrl

ALI_ANTE is the sliding door system that closes spaces of any depth delimiting equipped areas in all the rooms of contemporary living. Externally it presents itself with the theatricality of the wide and uniform surfaces, available in a very wide choice of colors; inside it is equipped with specific structures for the different functions.

Able to integrate perfectly into any space, Ali_Ante carefully protects the objects stored and free the view from any presence that interferes with the thoughts. Create handouts, bookcases, wardrobes, walk-in closets, archives. It also hides niches, defines rooms, draws closets.

A creative, light and elegant idea to furnish freely all the rooms of the house, using the available space to the millimeter. A proposal of exquisite modernity to completely rethink interior design. An innovative way of managing containment with solutions dedicated to the multiple needs of living.

De Rosso explores the endless narrative possibilities of the HPL laminate, creating surprising interior landscapes that transmit the emotion of a new beauty and intercept the aspirations of an evolved, selective and culturally prepared audience.

Each element signed by De Rosso can be considered a unique piece, both in terms of design and size. Each solution, modular or customized, is designed in relation to the characteristics of the spaces actually available and adapts to the millimeter to the architectural structure intended to accommodate it.

De Rosso lives on creativity and creativity proposes. It refuses the conventions of living by promoting furnishing projects of exclusive design with simple and essential but disruptive lines, which combine research on forms with that on decorations and surfaces. A distinctive concept to meet the needs of a constantly evolving and out of the box furniture. And it is precisely in the purity of lines, spaces and atmospheres that De Rosso recognizes the inspiring principle of its concept of "living". Furnishing becomes an intrinsic and organic element of the environment and, as such, must reveal the soul of the house, telling of its inhabitants.

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