Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety: NESTREST, DEDON collections

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Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety: NESTREST, DEDON collections it has been modified: 2010-11-10 di Benedict Flowers

Like a nest of an over-sized bird NESTREST it is a secluded, suspended sanctuary and unusual meeting place: it is the ideal place for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations.

NESTREST is made of an especially strong DEDON fiber (4 cm wide instead of 2 cm), ensuring a robust and solid fabric with excellent properties: you can take refuge inside, managing to look out without others to see you, a perfect feeling safety!

Creators of NESTREST, an innovative hull hanging in a new fabric made of large fibers of DEDON Fiber, Daniel and Fred Pouzet Fréty are two of the most intriguing design talents of Paris.

Close associates of Jean-Marie Massaud, with whom they have forged new ways of working and approaching design, Daniel and Fred have a rich diversity of experience, for each project you undertake, individually or in groups. Born and raised in Bucharest is a graduate of UP4 (Paris-Charenton), Daniel collaborated with Philippe Starck on large-scale architectural commissions before joining with Jean-Marie.

Since then he has worked on projects ranging from the architectural identity of Renault at the pioneering stage Chivas in Mexico, all touring the world for three years with his young family. A graduate of Paris prestigious school of industrial design ENSCI, Fred worked with Marc Berthier and then Werner Aisslinger before joining with Jean-Marie and Daniel in 2004. He collaborated with them on projects ranging from health to yachts to a sustainable village in the Philippines.

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