from an idea of ​​Anna Maestri and Alberto Gasparini The Made in Italy Saccotto is born

from an idea of ​​Anna Maestri and Alberto Gasparini The Made in Italy Saccotto is born it has been modified: 2013-11-28 di socialdesign magazine

The reality is but a reflection of a much more fascinating fantasy world, where elephants are yellow and green ... walruses have tusks!

the Saccotto born from the union of a couple of ideas of architects, Anna Maestri and Alberto Gasparini, who after the birth of their child have decided to face the world of design aimed at smaller and more. Born the Saccotto MADE IN ITALY, Halfway between a chair and a nice flavor informal stuffed animal. The simplicity of the forms, the clean lines of its profiles and the careful choice of fabrics and shades cause the Saccotto can join as a piece of furniture of classic bedroom as a child as well as the more metropolitan loft, meeting the taste of children and adults who love the design.

The elephant is the symbol of the Saccotto but the walrus, the hippopotamus, the kangaroo and many others are coming out of pencil creative of the two architects to expand and complete the product range.

The use of quality fabrics from the world of furniture and upholstery in particular provide strength, durability and washability of the product thanks to the complete removal of covers. The choice of colors is of great importance and is based on the study of color suggestions that each animal with its peculiarities can give.

the Saccotto is the result of a design ability and wisdom all Italian production, as the production cycle is assigned to companies with a long tradition made in Italy.

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