From Eurocucina 2014, the hood which is operated through the motions

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From Eurocucina 2014, the hood which is operated through the motions it has been modified: 2014-07-16 di Benedict Flowers

Absolutely innovative interface, allows the new model of exhaust hood not being controlled with buttons, but with the movements.

Presented is proud to be 2014 F, Versus is a hood built according to a revolutionary concept: eliminate the classic controls, using, to activate the various functions, the same movements of the body tilting hood.Consists of a solid steel frame and a lightweight panel tempered glass front, the new vertical model represents the top in terms of technological performance, but at the same time is extremely easy to use.

designed by Samuel Codegoni, Designer and professor at the Politecnico di Milano, author of this innovative interface, Versus has a soul smart: instead of the classic buttons, simple movements performed on the panel activates the light and controls. Pulling the panel toward you, in fact, the hood lights and, in a progressive opening shots, increases performance aspiration.

"Versus it comes from the desire of a functional and performance upgrades, from which a 'completely new interface, no buttons and fully interactive, says Samuel Codegoni. The innovation is not so much intuition, therefore, but in the construction of a functional need. More panel is pulled towards you, the more the hood increases performance, and vice versa, pushing it in the opposite direction, the same functionality decrease ".

Physically, therefore, when the hood reaches the maximum level of performance, it turns out to fan the lower part which is completely open on the hob, to enable the best suction. As you decrease the performance, Versus it reduces its scope of action, completely freeing the area fires to align the wall. Its plus lies also in more practical than the models with the classic commands especially when cooking, because it forces you to type the keys, but with a simple hand movement, the hood follows the commands.

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