Kitchens "Vintage Style" by Marchi Group

KITCHENS MARKS - model 1956 01
Kitchens "Vintage Style" by Marchi Group it has been modified: 2013-05-05 di Benedict Flowers

Marchi Group It has recently introduced the Vintage Style Collection. "Vintage Style " revolutionizes the concept of living by offering kitchen models of originality and a unique vitality that inspired the years' 30 and '40 up to the' 70. The vintage has now entered into our lives through clothes, accessories, decorative objects that have found new life in the modern age as real objects of worship, intramontabilie from distinct charm.

Every kitchen, every finish and every detail of the kitchen brands are designed with meticulous care to ensure real "objects of desire" that enclose passed down stories, Rates unchanged and curious glances.

1956 model
1956 has a kitchen from the metropolitan character that draws upon other cultures. The line is marked by a british touch datodall'inserimento original refrigerator inside of a London phone booth, destinatoa become the protagonist of the environment. The natural shades of the solid wood gives the composition a refined style, made particularly significant details as iltop in Cement treated with steel profiles, the sink grit,
the hood coated aluminum spiked with patchwork effect and doors with magnetic board, useful accessory dadecorare with cute memorandum.

KITCHENS MARKS - 1956 model

The available top floors can be pebbles, glued laminated marine support and grouted with two-component resins, or marble, sandstone, concrete (made with special resins to support marine laminated), processed by brushing and waxing and finished with steel profile.

Gianluigi Marchi tells 1956 ...
"1956 is perhaps the kitchen which belongs to me, I progettatacon the aim of representing a furnishing solution with digrande character and able to give unique emotions. A kitchen design firm and uncompromising, in which to rediscover the salient features of his personality. "

The LOFT model is inspired by the new urban spaces, direct, essenzialiematerici. The definite touch that distinguishes this kitchen, made of American Walnut, making it ideal for those who like objects with a strong personality. Practical and functional, the LOFT model presents a block, so as to be easily placed in any room. The shades of available lacquers (forest green, blue jeans, yellow corn and beige) and rounded shapes that characterize the series evoke the years' 50 revisited in a modern way.




KITCHENS MARKS - model Loft 01

Particular attention should be paid to some key elements: mobile / pantry on wheels with steel top and back so it can also be used as a room divider freestanding; steel hood and fridge / freezer with double doors contraddistinteda an original patchwork effect.

Gianluigi Marchi tells Loft ...
"Loft is dedicated to those looking for an exclusive and at the same time provocanteed product was progettatapensando functionality, allasolidità and never praticitàsenza to combine the fascination and prestige that only a personalitàpuò so rich solution impart to the whole house."

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