Cubic: Design and dynamism for outdoor environments

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Cubic: Design and dynamism for outdoor environments it has been modified: 2014-03-26 di jessica zannori

Signed by studioPANG, Cubic is the innovative solution d 'outdoor furniture proposed by the wood paneling company for exteriors Deco:

a modular system consisting of three modular elements. Three basic geometric shapes, with which to create infinite others. Cubico will be one of the protagonists of the Navigli Design District, the new space of fuorisalone 2014 consisting of a fleet of floating barges, where Deco will cover one of the barges with its wooden exterior cladding.

Each element can be placed on all sides and be superimposed or aligned to the other, to build chairs, tables and stools, of various sizes, to fit and remove at will. Cubic is lightweight and easy to handle, made of white painted aluminum, made from elegant Burmese Teak slats.

As stated by Mattia Bambi, partner of Déco "Cubico has all the characteristics of quality and resistance of our products and has been designed to harmonize perfectly with the environments created with our coatings, which bring the warmth and elegance of parquet outside. domestic ". Fabio Damiani and Marco Quistini of the PANG studio explain: “Cubico is an outdoor furniture system designed to provide Déco with a showcase product that is rigorous in form and attention to detail, but at the same time flexible and playful in the countless combinations it offers.

Starting from the simplicity of three different modular elements that interact with each other, we wanted to create a piece of furniture that approached the decking to the end user, making it interact.

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