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The Crocco ceiling or wall lamp Slamp, Presented at euroluce 2013, is the result of two ideas that have intertwined with each other, says the designer Nigel Coates : “The first was to create a modular lamp with which large wall or ceiling compositions could be created; I then wanted to explore a boomerang shape that would enhance the qualities of the material in which it is produced, the Lentiflex® that opens like a mouth if a dorsal cut is made ".

Crocco Slamp is a lamp that plays with light in an innovative and visionary way, coming to "bite it". Crocco is the diminutive of crocodile, of which the lamp evokes the jointed profile.

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The diffuser in Lentiflex®, printed with a colored shade, gives further softness to an already sinuous design. Perfect in a multiple composition to redesign the atmosphere of a room. The Lentiflex® is, compared to other compounded material, a versatile material that changes a lot depending on the source of illumination. The special processing applied makes its surface 'faceted', as if it was made up of many small prisms.

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