"Cristalplant Design Contest 2013": a fifth all made in Italy

"Cristalplant Design Contest 2013": a fifth all made in Italy it has been modified: 2013-04-19 di jessica zannori


This year the designers from all over the world took part in the "Cristlaplant®Design Contest"You have had to face a far from simple theme, that Dell'bathroom furniture for the contract sector. The arduous task, however, was not only up to the designers, but also to the jury who until the last minute was involved in a heated debate to establish who had responded best to the requirements of the call: attention to the vision and mission of the partner companies Cristalplant® and Falper - research, innovation and creativity, all without forgetting the more concrete aspects, one above all that of plant engineering. The winners were therefore able to correctly combine the aesthetic aspect with the functional one, dealing with the proposed theme, that of contract bathroom furnishings, with a level of innovation and a vision that were particularly appreciated by the jurors (Valerio Castelli, Luisa Bocchietto, Loredana Villani, Marilde Longo, Fallavena Guido, Luca Fallavena, Lara Fallavena, Marco Poltronieri, Vittorio Pavarin). The result, far from obvious, has seen the podium two groups, both very young, all born and raised in the beautiful country. 

Paola Taccardi, Dario Gaudio and Vittorio Venezia. To them the prize was awarded to "Counter-mold", Vying for the project category "bathroom setting for the contract sector." A fortuitous and lucky encounter on them, which materialized with just this first joint project.

Old classmates, Paola and Dario graduate in Industrial Design at the University of Bari and then continue the academic program at the Polytechnic of Milan, the city where they know Vittorio, Palermo architect following the graduating in his hometown, he moved to the capital Lombard. With "counter-mold" the designers propose a new way of interpreting the environment bathroom in the contract sector, capturing perfectly the importance that Falper identified research.

Bologna The company is known fact and not just estimated for essentiality of its lines, but even more because it proposes a bathroom furniture "timeless". This collection, inspired by the avowedly language of industrial objects, is composed of bathtub, sink, shower and bench, All it made in Cristalplant®.

Structures, thickening and abrupt cuts are some benchmarks of an aesthetic that does not hide anything. Precisely these forms, which present themselves as forerunners in a sector which is the contract, are an expression of the spirit of innovation and research in the collection for this will be included in the catalog Falper from 2014.




longue Showerabout_blank - Longue Shower

Federico Elli, Marco Febbo, Stefano Filipuzzi, Andrea Fiorito, In two words "About_blank": this is the name of the studio they belong to and which they created together at the beginning of 2013. "About_blank" is a young project that addresses the complexity of a design project through an evaluation of the technological aspects of feasibility and industrialization of the product, but which does not forget the aesthetic value according to the canons of geometric harmony and structural balance.

These are the premises from which the project has taken shape "Longue Shower" that is the first place for the category "bathroom setting outdoor won for the contract sector." "Longue Shower" is presented as an original and innovative object but above multifunctional: chaise lounge, shower and sink, but also sitting and outdoor table.

This proposal falls within a new category, the outdoor bathroom furniture for the contract sector: a new market, a new concept, which sees Falper record holder. Completely made in Cristalplant®, "Longue Shower" will be marked Falper and included in the company's catalog from 2014.

longue Shower4about_blank - Longue Shower

about_blank - Longue Showerabout_blank - Longue Shower

longue Shower8about_blank - Longue Shower

longue Shower13about_blank - Longue Shower

The shapes absolutely new, the many functions of the system and the innovative, almost futuristic, go perfectly with bolognese The company, which is known internationally for its continuous research that has always distinguished its products. In this fifth edition, also were assigned four mentions of honor. To be designated also young people coming from abroad. For the category "bathroom environment for contract" were reported Ekaterina Shchetina and Free Rutile with "Aurora", Raul pastry and Nicola Cerasa, however, with the "Flow". Mattia Trinari with "Canyon" and the group formed by Philipp Buxbaum, Christian Kircher, Tobias Colz and Olha Sedentska Surround with the project are being mentioned for the "outdoor bathroom environment for the contract sector."
Once again the "Cristalplant Design Contest" is the mouthpiece of a design that is made of study and research, innovation and creativity.

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