Corian® Colour Evolution at the Milan Design Week 2012

Corian® Colour Evolution at the Milan Design Week 2012 it has been modified: 2012-02-25 di Benedict Flowers

In April, during the Milan Design Week, DuPont ™ will present the new color palette of the surface high-tech Corian® with an international exhibition entitled "Corian® Colour Evolution"

The exhibition concept was developed by the architect Giorgio Zaetta, the exhibition will be held at the Space Fiorentini, Via Savona 35, from the 16 22 April.

The exhibition "Corian® Colour Evolution" will feature four dynamic creative furniture companies - e15 Germany (design by Philipp Mainzer) Mustache France (design by François Azambourg, Inga Sempé, Ionna Vautrin, Benjamin Graindorge, Sébastien Cordoléani) Rabih Hage the United Kingdom (Rabih Hage design) and TAO Outside Italy (design by Setsu and Shinobu Ito) - who will offer original solutions made with the new colors of DuPont ™ Corian®, used alone or in combination with other materials.

The processing of the techno-surface DuPont ™ Corian® will be conducted by Altha® (Italy) for TAO Outside; from Clarendon Fabrications (UK) for Rabih Hage; from Create Diffusion (France) for Moustache; from Industrie-Manufaktur Hasenkopf (Germany) for e15.
The exhibition will be supported and know-how of the Italian LED Light and Surroundings, Which will provide architectural solutions advanced LED lighting.
The new color palette of DuPont ™ Corian® presented at the Milan design week will be available in Europe, Middle East and Africa from June 1 2012.
"The markets are entering a new era, dominated by more and more demanding in terms of quality, service, internationalization and collaboration along the value chain. The new colors and new marketing tools that will be presented at the Design Week in Milan are the result of a process started a few years ago.

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