"CONTAINER", the seventh formabilio contest that explores the function of the hold

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"CONTAINER", the seventh formabilio contest that explores the function of the hold it has been modified: 2013-05-16 di Benedict Flowers

Container is the new contest launched by FormabilioThis time the designers who will participate will be confronted with the function of "containing" and its possible forms. Formabilio is a platform of design attended and a community of 56 thousand subscribers, including 917 designers.

Entrants must test their skills designing a piece of furniture or a furniture that serve as a container, Therefore able to accommodate books, objects, clothes, toys, shoes, glasses and bottles, paperwork, and so on and so forth!

to compete products must meet certain requirements: first of all, must submit a package of up to 230 cm long, should also be achievable with production capacities and -Wood solid materials or panels, padded with various finishes -used by Formabilio partner companies, must be able to to be assembled and installed easily by those who buy them and be inspired by the principles of ecodesign.

Proposals should be submitted using the relevant section of the site from the 10.00 May 8 2013 hours and no later than the hours of 18.00 5 2013 June. The community Formabilio will have time to review each processed up to 18: 00 19 of June 2013 and then choose your favorite 10.

The Technical Commission, formed by components of manufacturing companies together with design and communication experts, will select by 3 July 2013 no less than 2 projects to be prototyped and marketed on the site but, following the philosophy of Formabilio, at least one of the projects chosen by the commission will be selected in the list of the 10 most voted projects by the community. Formabilio gives the winners the opportunity to see their project realized and 7% of the proceeds from the sale on the website.

To participate and learn more about the contest Container:

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