Competition "Innovation Scenarios" IX edition - less than a month to maturity

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Competition "Innovation Scenarios" IX edition - less than a month to maturity it has been modified: 2013-03-08 di Benedict Flowers

Create your project ... and put it in place!

Expires on March 22 the registration term for "Innovation Scenarios - IX Edition", The international competition for students of artistic and design guidance to schools involving Tuscan craftsmen. A real "training" that combines for the first time to students, professors and companies for the realization of an innovative project to "theme."

Goal is to strengthen a creative growth ratio for companies and for students and nurture the formation of Design Crafts, strategic and crucial issue for the transmission of a creative culture and material production industries distinctive Tuscan.

The winners, as well as having the opportunity to see the realization of their project and helps them to create "step by step", will receive a prize money. In some cases, if the companies deem the realized models "marketable", they will also start its production start.

The award ceremony of the winners of the ninth edition of the competition will take place on April 24 2013 to Teatrino Lorenese part of 77 ° International Handicrafts.

The contest is sponsored by Innovation Scenarios: Tuscany Region, in collaboration with CNA and Confartigianato Imprese Toscana Tuscany egestito by Artex Centre for Artistic and Traditional Handicrafts of Tuscany. From this year the competition also enjoys the patronage of ADI Tuscany.

The themes of the IX edition

The ninth edition of the competition is titled "Ingredients" and sees material, machining techniques, culture and local languages, expressed by the companies involved in the design process, in the leading role for the definition of innovative collections for crafts and small and medium enterprise Tuscany. These factors will be the starting point for the definition of project proposals in which the theme of the transversal diapplicazione of materials, techniques and local identity can be creatively interpreted for the design of new workable ideas from production companies involved.

The path eventually will enhance, as well as local languages, the issues of cooperation and sustainability, in contrast to the optical policies proposed by globalization.

Companies involved 12 SMEs and 24 art schools and Italian and foreign universities.

Companies involved: 3G Led Lightihg Design; AIR Family Onlus; Association Multi Cults; Attucci Marbles Attucci Michele; Biagiotti Mario eFigli Snc; Carpentry Art. Pacini Francesco; Tuscan Artistic cast irons; Gracci Laura; Idiha Design Srl; Nesi Tessile Srl; King + by Mariplast / Mariplast Spa; Rossoramina.

The announcement of the competition can be downloaded directly on the site ARTEX

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