As a dancer: Étoile by Slamp

As a dancer: Étoile by Slamp it has been modified: 2013-11-27 di

La lamp Étoile Slamp is light and seductive: seems to dance on a stage light. Remember the skirt of a dancer, which raises and fold following the movements of a dance, which Adriano Rachele was inspired in the draw. And that's why the balanced perfection of its forms fascinates the viewer.

It totally made Lentiflex® and is characterized by a design flowing, soft and harmonious. Inside are enclosed powerful LEDSome are directed towards the ceiling to create a relaxing light and diffusely illuminate the space; others gathered at the center that make shine its surfaces creating evocative reflections between the folds and, thanks to the effect Fresnel, give a prismatic effect and soft; others are directed downwards, so that Étoile Slamp lights to light a table or cabinet.

A lamp of ironic character and accessible that, while remaining part of series production, makes plain the appearance typical of artisan pieces.

The lamp Étoile Slamp is produced in two sizes: A smaller, ideal for enhancing the home environment, the other larger spaces for those who need a more dramatic impact, but always well balanced. Continue reading, click here.


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