Transition collection by Mirage, Lanzavecchia design + Wai

Transition collection by Mirage
Transition collection by Mirage, Lanzavecchia design + Wai it has been modified: 2015-11-19 di Leide Lanzi

The Transition collection comes from the collaboration of The Mirage, ceramics with the study Lanzavecchia + Wai, an international reality that works and moves between Italy and Singapore: an encounter and a creative journey linked to the concept of transition, change, real and metaphorical transition from one place to another, a journey that has become an experience.

Transition collection: a new identity

No reference or imitation: Transition leaves the purely imitative canons, and defines a new nature of the stoneware porcellanto, timeless and contemporary, but with roots rooted in Italian culture and tradition. In fact, Transition leads back to the world of Made in Italy craftsmanship: an ancient knowledge, known and handed down over time, merges with the technology of industrial production.

Naturally irregular, the texture is enriched by chromatic overlays that are the ideal photography of a journey: an itinerary that crosses Italy, collects colors and shades and reinterprets them in a contemporary key.

The colors of the landscape are interpreted and synthesized in neutral and natural nuances that transmit a rarefied feeling of quietness and lightness. Delicate shades and soft chromatic passages as refined proposals for a contemporary lifestyle.

Transition collection by Mirage - Kitchen TR02 TR03

Transition collection by Mirage - Kitchen TR02 TR03

Sustainable Design

Mirage® with Transition strengthens its environmental choice, through ethical choices important:

• The selection of a dough made largely from materials coming from production waste (pre-consumer recycled material> 25%) and using local sand at 0 km, which guarantees the same high technical performance typical of porcelain stoneware Mirage®.

• The packaging material in cardboard packages totally recycled.

• The use of pallets from wood recovered at 100%. An ecological and environmentally sensitive soul, whose aesthetics evolves into highly contemporary design surfaces.


5 shades representing the stages of a creative journey, but also ideal from one city to another on a journey that crosses Italy from South to North: from Ostuni to Matera, from Matera to Lecce and from Milan to Turin.

The spirit of each city is told by a shade of color extrapolated from its urban landscape.

TR 01 Ostuni, TR 02 Lecce, TR 03 Matera, TR 04 Turin, TR 05 Milan


A new texture, inspired by the typically Italian craftsmanship, draws the surface and presents its own transition to the level of visual perception. At a distance of a few meters it is imperceptible and the product appears a solid color, while a close vision reveals itself in a miniaturized intertwining rich in details.

Formats and decorative elements

The collection consists of different elements and formats (120 × 120, 60X60, 30X60 and 15 × 60), designed to be applied in various combinations to decorate, highlight paths and create usable and comfortable spaces.

At a very clean and sober background, elements are combined with chromatic overlays (Fade, in the 120 × 120, 60 × 60 and 30 × 60 formats) and that can guide the eyes, identify and enlarge the spaces.

Transition is a transversal collection, designed for domestic and commercial spaces, for interiors and exteriors, for floors, walls and even facades.

Transition collection by Mirage 1

Transition ceramics collection by Mirage

Collection transition by Mirage 2

Transition ceramics collection by Mirage

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