Clément Diaz, Gaby The chair and Re-Rocking Chair

Clément Diaz, Gaby The chair and Re-Rocking Chair it has been modified: 2014-05-17 di jessica zannori

Gaby and Re-Chair Rocking chair are two of the latest projects of the designer Clément Diaz. His favorite material is metal, spent five years to explore possible to'sSchool Boulle (Advanced public school Arts and Crafts di Paris).

"The Chair Gaby"

It is a chair with a plywood structure. A skeleton of aluminum reinforces the accommodation plywood housing a seat covered in cork.

Inspired by the accomplishments of Eillen Gray and Jean Prouvé and looking for Dieter Rams, this chair is designed to travel in time: the material merely agree to provide a quick and to adapt to any style.

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"Re-Rocking Chair"

It was built to create a bridge between two worlds, to use the past and bring to the future. Based on the acquired resources, codes, to rebuild some thoughts. Re-issues such as rehabilitation of the modern era, of aesthetics and functionality, tradition and industrialization.

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