Clavio_Designed by Gradosei

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Clavius Design Gradosei for Formabilio

With Clavius ​​design becomes functional and you makes your life easier! Manage space vary according to your needs: you want a piece of furniture that large in a small space to be able to hide and sort objects? You need to fill a wall and have everything at your fingertips? You have a corner of the room that you would like to use in a smart way? Want a furniture that solves all these needs, but with style? Well, then Clavius ​​is just what you need.

E 'consists of an outer and an inner wheel, a cube and free one-stop scrolling. Thanks to the telescopic movement can double its length by simply sliding the internal element, also the cube and the door allow you to customize the configuration and adapt it to your taste and the space available. You can use it as a large open cupboard, like TV cabinet, container or closed day to sort and hide objects inside. And if you want to place it in a corner? No problem, you can have so much space to use even without having to occupy the entire wall. A cupboard modern, functional, smart and attractive design.

Clavius Design Gradosei for Formabilio

With Clavius ​​Becomes functional design and simplifies your life! Manage your space Depending on the occasion: do you need a storage furniture in a small space element That Is Able to hide and keep your things tidy? Do you need to furnish an empty wall and keep all right at hand? Do you have a corner of your House That you need to you use in a smarter way? If you need something That does all this you need Clavius! You can use it as open capacious sideboard, media console, buffet or closed to store and tidy up various objects. And if you would like to place it in the corner? No problem, you can still have so much space without using The entire wall. A modern sideboard, Which is functional, smart and Has a captivating design.


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