Ciado, The house inside the house: the carpet of Roberto Paoli for the brand I + I

4 Ciado Roberto Paul II
Ciado, The house inside the house: the carpet of Roberto Paoli for the brand I + I it has been modified: 2014-01-09 di jessica zannori

Ciado, it designed by Roberto Paoli for the brand I + I, Is a carpet whose design is the natural consequence of the superposition of two geometric figures: that of a house and that of his shadow.

The red lines reproduce the perspective of the house, while the black lines will depict the shadow cast. The carpet shows in two dimensions a three-dimensional representation. A house wireframe affected by the sun's rays. In particular Ciado reproduces the "cottage" designed by children. simple and marked signs which convey all the warmth and hospitality of the home.

The features of such a strong indication, are almost soiled by the beauty inaccurate craftsmanship that gives a unique character to the product. Ciado is a carpet manufacturing refined, knotted by hand Wool and cotton by Indian weavers. Unexpected product, result of the encounter between Western thought Roberto Paoli and the valuable traditional oriental manufacturing techniques. distant cultures and different from each other that they know integrated into a contemporary language. The deliberate choice of geometry from the primary design emphasizes the artistry and manual of the producer. Exploiting the clean lines, the color and character of the materials, Ciado reflects a new atmosphere. In an optical fun, these interwoven lines evoke a warm presence, living and family.

1 Ciado Roberto Paul II

3 Ciado Roberto Paul II

2 Ciado Roberto Paul II

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