Cesar presents the new Cloe kitchen: a kitchen with a decisive, refined character

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Cesar presents the new Cloe kitchen: a kitchen with a decisive, refined character it has been modified: 2014-06-07 di jessica zannori

Cloe is a kitchen that enriches the rose of top models Caesar Salad alongside models Yara and Elle.

Like them, it has a strong character, which is expressed in large volumes and minimalist lines. It is the kitchen for those who love rigorous design, enhanced by fine finishes such as essences - including the original knotted oak that highlights the natural peculiarities of wood -, lacquers and laminates. Furthermore, perfectly in step with the times, it is made up of elements that allow it to dialogue with the nearby living area with harmony and elegance.

The contemporary aesthetics of Cloe is expressed in particular in the profile to 30 degrees characterizing the upper edge of the doors of the bases and the front of the baskets, and even the side of the columns. A solution that combines functionality and facilitating cleaning of design, with the throat that is created, the opening of all the elements without the use of handles: a further touch of linearity and elegance.

Cloe also exists in version Vip: a declination that meets the needs of those who make the kitchen an emblematic place. Cloe Vip dresses of fine woods such as olive, rosewood, ebony and eucalyptus, or of a material aesthetics underground as eco cement. Sophisticated finishes that enhance the pure and strong and contributing together to the careful processing, the creation of unique works of art that give charm and value to everyday life.

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