Agena with Pininfarina Style Centre / technological fabric Matrix

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Matrix It is a cutting-edge technological fabric composed of polyester and copper. It proposes a damask design in the natural warm earth tones, which stand out thanks to the skillful workmanship carried out by Italian craftsmen using low environmental impact methods of processing. Soft to the touch, it is a very fine and yet very solid fabric. Matrix is ​​a "crisp fabric", dry, dry, able to keep the forms attributed to him: if it is expanded and molded by hand is smooth, while if crumpled assumes that particular effect in the paper is called "crepe paper ". The combination of polyester and metal in the warp and weft fabric offers a number of advantages to this: excellent resistance to tension, high flexibility and easy maintenance, elasticity, recovery and good resistance to abrasion.

The palette of Five Colors Available It is in perfect style Agena, Refined and tone on tone; easy to fit in any classroom setting and elegance. Col.10: background cream rose design; col.50: nutty background pink design; col.70: the bottom oxide and copper design; col.90: bronze and copper design background; col.110: burgundy and copper design background. MATRIX can be dry cleaned and ironed gently at low temperatures only.

AgenaMATRIX 10

AgenaMATRIX 50

AgenaMATRIX 70

AgenaMATRIX 90

AgenaMATRIX 110

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