Catuma E-1027 - Tribute to Eileen Gray, capsule collection

Catuma E-1027 - Tribute to Eileen Gray
Catuma E-1027 - Tribute to Eileen Gray
Catuma E-1027 - Tribute to Eileen Gray, capsule collection it has been modified: 2016-01-13 di Benedict Flowers

CatumaAfter the capsule collection inspired by the feminine genius of Frida Kahlo and XNUMX Elsa SchiaparelliThis time honors the pioneering modernist Eileen Gray.

Another strong woman, who with her being, her art, her crossing the boundaries of the usual, has changed the story. His architecture and design projects realized in the 900, between the era of Art Nouveau and modernism, have constituted a bridge between past and future, profoundly influencing the brand Catuma, whose style is a mix of craftsmanship, history and innovation.

Precisely at his first architectural project, the famous villa on the French Riviera, which Gray conceived together with his partner of the time, the architect Jean Badovici, Catuma dedicated his capsule collection, named as the villa itself, E-1027.

Catuma E-1027 - Tribute to Eileen Gray, side view

Catuma E-1027 - Tribute to Eileen Gray, side view

The name of the project, apparently cold and aseptic, is actually a declaration of love: E is in fact for Eileen, 10 for Jean's J (tenth letter of the alphabet), 2 is B of Badovici, 7 la G of Gray. The white house "au bord de la mer" is a riot of rounded shapes, volutes and tubular steel, with a recurring element, the circle, declined in the snail, or hemispheres, reported in the design of the famous Bibendum armchair and the E1027 table , always designed by Gray and became a must of modern design.

The circle, the steel, the attention to detail, geometric perfection, are elements that we find in the model Catuma "E- 1027 - Tribute to Eileen Gray". A specimen produced in only 100 pieces, made of steel, gold leaf and cork.

The round front is made dynamic by a game of empty and full data from decorative scrolls of steel, masterfully integrated with inserts in cork and gold leaf. The terminals are in purple acetate to perfectly fit any face.

Asymmetries that hypnotize the look through their elegance. Unique lenses and decorations, made wisely, with the same attention to detail that Eileen Gray has dedicated in the creation of every single corner of the house that has bewitched even Le Corbusier, who "spoiled" by covering the immaculate walls with murals.

The Eileen Gray capsule collection is a sumptuous preview of the "ArTchitecture" collection that Catuma will present at the MIDO 2016.

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