Catellani & Smith: 56 Petits Bijoux

56 Petits Bijoux
Catellani & Smith: 56 Petits Bijoux it has been modified: 2019-03-06 di Benedict Flowers

56 Petits Bijoux of Catellani & Smith it is the representation of a 'static movement', the effect of an action that seems to imitate the gesture of throwing a stone into a body of water, forming waves
concentric that propagate in space.

The concept of sphere, the circle as a metaphor of infinity and perfection, are dear and recurring themes in the thirty-year production of Catellani & Smith, and which return here, in this new suspension creation as simple in its form as it is extraordinary in its execution.

The structure of 56 Petits Bijoux consists of a series of circles, now smaller, now wider, supported one another by thin cables, which follow one another to form a light sphere of 120 cm, almost deconstructed. 'Pochette' lenses in silicon cover 56 LEDs for a total of 6720 lumens - which ensure very high luminous efficiency - bathing the natural brass circles with light, like celestial bodies following their own orbit.

56 Petits Bijoux

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