Volkswagen Camper 1965? Tent Camper solution

Volkswagen Camper 1965? Tent Camper solution it has been modified: 2014-05-19 di Francesca Bianchi

Worship the Volkswagen Camper, you have dreamed for years of driving it, buy it, to travel with him ...

some of you may already have realized the dream, for those who did not had a chance ... here is the solution an original Volkswagen Camper Tent.

Imagine that you mount it in the middle of a music festival. This tent "pop-up" is incredibly easy to assemble - the tent does all the work for you.

Available in many colors - and even in children's sizes in pink and blue! The size adult has two dining rooms - separated by a wall zipped - and can comfortably accommodate four people. It 'very spacious inside.


Buy such an object is acuistare a time machine and a tent - in one!


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