California Dream Weekend Edition 2013

cadw2013 professional designers
California Dream Weekend Edition 2013 it has been modified: 2013-06-14 di Benedict Flowers

The 10 edition of California Dream Week will take place from 16 to Sunday 2013 June in the center of Chico, California. Visitors will be able to witness the world premiere of 9 art exhibitions in 9 downtown locations, demonstrating how 9 Californian kids have inspired internationally renowned designers to create sustainable projects.

California Dream Week, now in its third edition, gives voice to young people, show them that their ideas may have a positive impact on the world, and in this sense 9 awards scholarships to higher education each year.

Centerpiece of the Festival, it is a graphic art exhibition where the designs demonstrate how competing Californian teenagers have inspired 9 internationally renowned designers from Argentina, Italy, Japan, India, South Africa, Mexico and the United States to create sustainable design pieces .

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