BUSSO / Valet Spring Day, design Kensaku Oshiro

BUSSO / Valet Spring Day, design Kensaku Oshiro it has been modified: 2011-07-29 di Benedict Flowers

Vallet "Spring Day" is a collaboration of Busso Interior DesignWith the Japanese designer Kensaku Oshiro, the company founded in 1939 for many years collaborated with top designers reinterpreting trends and beauty of traditional and innovative materials.

"Spring Day is an idea I had in Japan during the spring, when the cherry blossom is the beginning of everything! That feeling of freshness of proven change in those days in Japan is almost think of a new life that was alive and present with me during the development of this project. On that occasion, we wear a dress that brings deep meanings and represents a moment of life, for this is worn and placed with great attention and care. During the development of my project, I tried to bring out the uniqueness of a frame containing the uniform, giving an effect of suspension and to bring out its symbolic nature and importance "
Kensaku OshiroApril 2011


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