Brunner / chose to decorate the hall of the Palmengarten parties

1 Brunner Palmengarten first place Titelbild RGB 300dpi
Brunner / chose to decorate the hall of the Palmengarten parties it has been modified: 2013-09-14 di jessica zannori

The hall of the Palmengarten parties back to its former glory and chooses Brunner Group as an official partner for its construction. Originally built in 1871, the imposing building designed by architect Wilhelm Kayser, The hub of one of the largest botanical gardens in Germany, has been the focus of a renovation conservative with a touch of innovation.

The ballroom which includes all the Southern area of ​​the building is finally back in all its glory to cheer the social life and to give prestige to the most important events of the city of Frankfurt. official partner of the furniture, tables and chairs, Brunner Group has been able to combine elegance, comfort and versatility with the craftsmanship that has always been the pride of the company. Sitting comfortably on the chairs designed by Brunner Factory Design while listening to a classical music concert or drinking an aperitif on the large terrace using the modular tables, makes the events at the Palmengarten unique in its kind; how unique are the furnishings that dress it.

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