Boston lamp, the suitcase lamp

Boston lamp case lamp
Boston lamp, the suitcase lamp it has been modified: 2017-11-06 di lucia

The Boston Lamp is one table lamp in chestnut wood and is born from the need to have a quality object, durable, studied in every detail to meet the needs of the moment and the minimal design. Clean lines and pure volumes make this lamp a simple but at the same time great class.

The Boston lamp comes from an idea of Lucia Cooking Cup, a young Neapolitan designer, returning from a period lived in northern Europe. In this subject are perceptible northern European but also Neapolitan influences, especially that of the great designer Roberto Mango, above all in the common idea of ​​the research in the tradition of materials, knowledge and crafts that respond to the new needs of society.

The lamp consists of two rotating disks, to take all the positions up to "flatten" and be easily transported and perhaps packed, because this occupies a minimum space of 30x14x4 centimeters. In addition, the easy rotation of the discs allows you to direct the light as you prefer.

For this kind of lamp, a warm-colored LED light has been chosen to accompany the colors of the wood inl structure. The possibility of making the lamp in various wood species and thus obtaining different shades of color for each type of environment makes it a unique object of Italian craftsmanship and design.

Boston lamp case lampBoston lamp case lamp

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