BeoPlay V1 Havana Special Edition

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The innovative flat-screen TV is enriched with a stand on wheels in the special Havana plain edition.

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen launches the TV BeoPlay V1 in the new Havana color, with a new stand Wheel in the same shade of color. The border between the design furniture and electronics surprising is always less marked, the limited edition was in fact defined to capture the hearts and eyes of the fans of the design that attach the same value to the design, in an extraordinary vision and an amazing sound.

B&O PLAY is working on the successful launch of its first BeoPlay V1 television, with a special color and a new stand. Created for design lovers who also watch television, the Havana version of BeoPlay V1 is the first to include the new wheeled stand made especially for BeoPlay V1. And like other pieces of furniture inside the home, it is aesthetically beautiful to look at even if you are not using it.

The stand Wheel lets you place the TV to the desired location as needed. You can move forward and to the center to listen to the news or watch a movie. You can then close it again when you do not watch more television. In any mode, the TV and the stand, with the same finish Havana are presented in a simple form monochrome, functional and timeless.

According to Henirk Taudorf Lorensen, Vice President of B&O Play, the color of the limited edition is the result of experimentation with a wide range of colors. “We worked to create a contemporary yet durable and flexible shade. BeoPlay V1 Havana has been designed for those who trust their taste and want to depart from normal flat screen televisions in order to be free to create their interiors according to their aesthetic taste. Without compromising the quality of vision or acoustics ".

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With 32-inch LED screen, powerful video and easy connectivity, BeoPlay V1 has all the credentials to satisfy even the most demanding video lovers. The audio system includes class D amplifiers and a series of dedicated tweeters and woofers to deliver extremely precise acoustic fidelity and powerful enough to compete with many surround systems with external speakers, subwoofers, cables and amplifiers, as well as the flexibility of BeoPlay V1.

BeoPlay V1 is ready for Apple TV: the BeoPlay V1 remote control allows you to control all functions of the Apple TV and therefore has a dedicated area to insert the Apple TV box inside the rear of the TV cabinet.
Available exclusively at Bang & Olufsen stores in selected markets from 10 October 2012 at a price of 2.999 Euros.

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