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The new system be.1 Frezza It is authentic, essential and absolutely unconventional! The new operating system be.1 Frezza, designed and created by the international architectural firm Progetto CMR, Expresses the spirit of an industry in transformation, combining cutting-edge design and high performance.

The collection of be.1 operating systems Frezza They have a strong identity, which declines its wide compositional range from the simplest single workstations, customized with extensions and accessories, until you get to the more complex multiple locations enriched with multi-functional extensions.

The careful technical research of the product is confirmed by several of the desk top cabling solutions, in technical rooms and easy assembly from the top of all satellite elements such as drawers and multifunctional elements. Completing the range be.1 Frezza various solutions meeting tables and desk height containers both independent and integrated to the workstations.

Its realization It is based on the desire to focus on the essential purity, believing in the value of objects that last.

Some system features: Helmet compartment and door bag, technical walls, desk top with integrated sliding flap, coiler shared basins, "hung" drawer under the floor, brings outstanding CPU.

Progetto CMR, It is a company specializing in integrated design, founded in 1994 and led by Massimo Roj with the aim of creating a flexible architecture, efficient and environmentally sustainable. Less ego blackberries eco is the company's design philosophy: less personal and collective interests with the goal of accelerating cultural change and progettuale.Con 12 offices worldwide and more than 160 between architects and engineers, Progetto CMR produces different scale projects combining innovation and research and multidisciplinary expertise. Since 2010 is among the first 100 design studios in the world reported by BD World Architecture Top 100.

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