Well Outline / bags and unique accessories including vintage re-use and contemporaneity

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Be Outline is a line of handbags and accessories made in Italy, born the approach of vintage Tuscan designer Fabrizio Pisano.“In Be Outline I tried to collect and express my bonds; the accessories that come from this work are strongly linked to my love for vintage materials, elaborated thanks to the tools of craftsmanship, the background of the places where I grew up. " Fabrizio says Pisano. Uniqueness and modernity are the values ​​that distinguish a line of unique pieces, made entirely by hand in the workshops of Tuscany. These content is added to the re-use, in fact, accessories are made reworking materials that already have a story to tell.

Be Outline has developed three collections self-standing, each with a soul of its own.

Main Line

The main line of Be Outline develops a true passion for the sea life. Accessories are made with sails of historic boats, Those of the races more exciting, and leather, a material that tells the soul sincere and durable product. Each item whispers his experience and his personal experience of "going to sea." The cuts of sailing and working, all made by hand, further emphasize the uniqueness of each accessory.

The sails, worn weathered and damaged by the sun, become a valuable raw material for Be Outline which, with its green philosophy, it also avoids the costly and time-consuming disposal. The sails are first cut, freed from straps and eyelets, washed in special washing machines XXL and fi nally divided into individual parts by hand.

Living Attitude

Living Attitude is the line of bags and totes made from vintage materials such as canvas, jersey, jeans and woven camou fl age military that are selected and reassembled in accordance with the philosophy greens Be Outline, creating objects that tell their story in a contemporary way.


Laetitia is the line of Be Outline pointing on elegance classic and discreet luxury, made of attention to quality and detail. Laetitia includes luggage, travel bags, clutches and shoulder bags messenger woman from man.




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