B & O PLAY / Beolit ​​12, wireless tuning is tinged with gray and blue

B & O PLAY / Beolit ​​12, wireless tuning is tinged with gray and blue it has been modified: 2012-05-22 di Benedict Flowers

For Beolit ​​12 portability of great sound is everything, take the cord in full-grain leather to carry it from room to room, or take it outside. The rechargeable battery will keep tuning for several hours regardless of where you are and you can also share it with your iPhone when connected by cable.

But the real fun begins when you disconnect the iPhone. The updated configuration is easy and allows you to easily use AirPlay to send your content wirelessly directly from your phone. You can then switch from playlists on your phone, or to talk radio on the Internet, all in the palm of a hand.




And then, there's the sound. Beolit ​​12 offers much more than can be expected from a device so small and it is with great pride that represents the tradition of acoustic Bang & Olufsen. Now you can fully enjoy all your music on the go.


With a choice of colors and a much larger portable audio surprising enclosed in an attractive design, Beolit ​​12 proves once again as B & O PLAY is changing the way of transmitting the music.
The new colors take place under the grill in aluminum speakers that embraces the forms and functions created by the designer Cecilie Manz. The effect of color is subtle and transparent and allows you to choose the shades that best fit its furnishings, or anywhere you want to bring
Beolit ​​12.




Beolit ​​12 is available in Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide, the Apple store in Europe and the United States, in selected stores and online at The new colors will be available from the end of May 2012. The cabinet is available in light or dark gray; the speaker grille aluminum dark gray or natural anodized; the cover of the speakers below the grid are available in four colors: dark gray, yellow, and now also in light gray and blue; the leather cord for transportation is black to dark gray and brown cabinet for all other models. Price € 699.

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