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With the launch of BeoLab 12-1, Bang & Olufsen is able to offer a complete digital speaker system that works perfectly with flat screen televisions and hi-fi setups for stunning musical entertainment. The brand new speaker of the BeoLab 12 line elegantly continues the tradition of exceptional acoustic performance in small rooms.

Bang & Olufsen recently announced the launch of BeoLab 12-1, the latest creation in the line of high-performance digital in-wall speakers without compromising audio. The new BeoLab 12-1 is equipped with a pair of powerful and discreet rear speakers in a surround sound setup. For their extraordinary musicality they are also an excellent choice when the sound does not have to fill the wall. Now Bang & Olufsen is expanding its range of placement options with new floor stands across the BeoLab 12 line.

"The BeoLab collection 12 was created on flexibility", Said Michael Jensen, Product Manager. “Bang & Olufsen customers demand flawless sound when watching a movie in surround mode or enjoying their favorite playlists. BeoLab 12 loudspeakers pack an elegant aesthetic and extraordinary sound in a smaller size than traditional loudspeakers and their three different settings are perfectly integrated acoustically and aesthetically. On the wall or with the new floor stands, the possibilities of creating a perfect design according to the sound for any environment have improved ”.

BeoLab 12-1 shares the same design as its predecessors BeoLab 12-3 and 12-2, launched earlier this year. They have all been designed by David Lewis Designers to work perfectly alone or paired with other devices. All speakers in the BeoLab 12 range are active, powered by separate ICEpower amplifiers that deliver extraordinarily rich sound from the very first moment for a compact design. The front fabric of the new BeoLab 12-1 is available in white or silver versions and allows for different furnishing possibilities as it can be easily combined with those of BeoLab 12-3 and BeoLab 12-2 available in aluminum and white variants.

With the launch of BeoLab 12-1, Bang & Olufsen is also introducing a full range of floor stands across the BeoLab 12 collection, making it easy to choose the most suitable placement for stunning sound in the home.

The new BeoLab 12-1 and floor stands are available exclusively in Bang & Olufsen outlets from 23 November 2012 for € 1.115. The floor stand is available for 230 €.

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