Bubble B B Light: LED pendant lamp, even on magnetic track

B Bubble, LED pendant lamp.
B Bubble, LED pendant lamp.
Bubble B B Light: LED pendant lamp, even on magnetic track it has been modified: 2015-12-19 di Leide Lanzi

B Bubble B LIGHT, A leading manufacturer of lighting fixtures, decorative lamp is a pendant with a special feature: this beautiful combination of design and LED technology is designed to be fixed, as well as a ceiling using support, also the track through magnetic base provided with magnet support.

Bubble B is lighting that knows furnish with her discreet style and minimalist; characterized by a spherical aluminum turned and milled, it is available in 2 different textures - smooth and wavy. You can also customize the shell 5 different finishes - white, bronze, gray, bronze with white interior and anthracite with white interior - choosing between 2 dimensions: 400mm 290mm of diameter and height B Bubble, or 200mm diameter and 165mm height of the Mini version.

B Bubble is a bubble of light, emitted at a color temperature of 2700K or 3000K with an excellent color rendering index (CRI 93). Due to its flexibility, it is ideal for illuminating living spaces, shops, bars and restaurants, giving uniqueness and style to any room.

Installed with ceiling mounted and equipped with a steel cable along 2m, it is easily adjustable in height without the use of tools.

By etching a magnetic B Bubble Mini can be installed on "The Magnet Track", track magnetic and dimmable, in 24 230 VAC or VDC, a great tool in the service of the creativity of each designer.

B Mini Bubble. pendant lamp LED, can also be installed on the magnetic track.

B Bubble Restaurant Controls

B Bubble Restaurant Controls

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