Aumeo Audio, Portable audio-tailoring device, designed by Andrea Bridges

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Aumeo Audio, Portable audio-tailoring device, designed by Andrea Bridges it has been modified: 2015-06-13 di Benedict Flowers

The human ear perceives a range of audio frequencies that is different for each individual:

as each person has unique fingerprints, each person has a unique way of perceiving sounds.

Even more so, every individual perceives sounds differently with their left ear and with their right ear, depending on factors such as environment, age, and personal habits. And 'well it is known that listening to music at high volume can permanently damage our hearing.

Designed in the Hong Kong office by Italian designer Andrew Bridges, Aumeo Audio is a highly innovative portable audio-tailoring device that ensures an unprecedented listening experience: completely customized and tuned for the sensitivity of the user's hearing.

When connected to standard headphones or speakers, audio Aumeo can take a measurement of hearing user and analyze data, can store more user profiles.

During playback from a device connected to it (Smartphone, hi-fi, etc.), Aumeo Audio recovers profile, "map" the sound output and completes with the frequencies that a particular user is not able to perceive. The result? A range of unparalleled sound and an impressive audio precision: every user will be able to hear all frequencies of each soundtrack, without noise or distortion, at a much lower volume.

Aumeo audio enables Bluetooth connectivity, has an input and an audio output from 3,5 mm, and a micro-USB port for charging the battery. In addition to superior sound quality, Aumeo Audio has a beautiful design aesthetic comes with an aluminum case with unibody structure and controls specifically designed to be extremely simple, intuitive and user-friendly.

A knob allows adjustment of the volume with one touch and 6 LED light up dynamically when the device is in use.

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