Bathroom furniture in oak Cloe Edone '

oak bathroom furniture cloe by Edone design
Bathroom furniture in oak Cloe Edone ' it has been modified: 2012-10-26 di Edoné Design

Delicate contrasts in the new collection of bathroom furniture in oak Cloe line BL & A Edoné, volumes, finishes and spaces evolving

Volumes, finishes and spaces evolving: this is CLOE, the new line of BL & A signed Edonè designed for a space bathroom young and functional, perfect combination of quality materials, design and practicality. Built to meet the needs of a modern and dynamic public, CLOE proposes a series of bathroom furniture and modular units made of white oak or natural oak, also available in lacquered, with combinations that create delicate contrasts.

I models CLOE 08_09 They are also part of proposal eco-friendly furniture for the bathroomCharacterized by sinks model Perseus or Pictor depending on the required depth, with top Pietrabianca glossy made to maximize the size of the tank and meet the diverse needs "saving".

The furniture structure is composed of panels conglomerate ecological water resistant wood ante with practical and modern retractable handles.
The furniture line BL & A Edonè are enhanced by elegant matt lacquer finishes, sophisticated colors and innovative, attention to detail and a keen eye to the environment and at the right value for money.

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