New air in the bedroom on vacation?

New air in the bedroom on vacation? it has been modified: 2017-09-07 di engardagiordani

Cozy, child-friendly solutions in pre-glued and washable ropes. The Tout Petit collection brings good humor to every room.

"Having a cheerful and welcoming bedroom is the desire of many children, for this reason, we have numerous wallpaper solutions that meet their taste and their needs, but also those of adults: the proposals are in fact practical to apply to the walls and washable ".

Agena, manufacturer and distributor of high-end wallpapers and fabrics, presents the new “Tout Petit” collection designed specifically for children. Made by Eijffinger, the historic Dutch wallpaper manufacturer since 1875, they are distributed on the Italian market exclusively by the Turin-based company.

"Tout Petit" is inspired by the imagination of children, wrapped in a fantasy world. A collection full of charm, which brings smiles and good humor to the big and the small.

The world of children is made of games, dreams and creativity, the wallpaper designed for them presents different subjects: natural elements such as fluffy clouds, cute animals such as broomsticks and foxes, hearts, small cars, but also geometric decorations, all adapt to transform the room into a dream place, with proposals that match the feminine, romantic and male taste, perfect for the youngest but also for the older children.

Children wallpaper is distributed in pre-glued rows (variables depending on the subject), the application is simpler than wallpaper, since the glue has already been applied, and so it is sufficient to wet the product before the wallpaper, direct application to the wall. In addition to being easy to put, the cards in this series are all washable, another positive note for the environment in close contact with the children.

The wallpaper designed by Agena for younger kids' rooms is based on the creation of a child-friendly environment that gives color and imagination to the walls of their little ones.

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