APRITI IED 2012 it has been modified: 2012-06-28 di Francesca Castenetto


Doors open at IED Rome from the 3 6 July with the event celebrating the end of the academic year students IED.
It will be a marathon of events and exhibitions of the best projects realized by young designers, stylists and creative visible in homes up to 21 September.

The calendar opens Tuesday July 3 with the inauguration of Among the ideas: Projects Co-working spaces and to the Palace of Creativity of Rome, Exhibition at the Palazzo Valentini, seat of the Province of Rome.
In the thesis shows the course of Interior Design produced for the Province of Rome investigating the opportunities it can offer space-sharing, going from home office, the co-housing to co-working.
The course design of public spaces envisioned strategies redevelopment of a building in the district of Trullo and adjacent spaces Technical Institute Galileo Galilei all'Esquilino, owned by the Province of Rome, which will become the future Palace of Creativity.

Wednesday July 4 opens the exhibition Marilyn_More: Revisiting an icon of the twentieth century.
In the year when we celebrate the 50 years after the death of Norma Jeane, aka Marilyn Monroe, the biggest star of all time, ten graduates Photography interpret the myth through thirty fashion images, the subject of the photographic exhibition at Studio Horizon, Antonio Barrella, coordinator of the photography course.

4 5 Wednesday and Thursday in July IED participates Days of Creativity and Innovation, Promoted by the Province of Rome as part of the project RomaProvinciaCreativa at the Teatro India.

Friday July 6 IED's San Giovanni hosts the first edition of the Personal Branding Day, An event promoted by IED Management Lab, the container IED dedicated to training on topics related to creativity applied to business processes. The event's objective is to disclose a proper culture of Personal Branding.
On Friday it is developed through targeted meetings with professionals in the world of communication that will introduce the topic.

APRITI IED ends with IED Summer Party at River Dock.
The evening will be animated by live performances, selection of music, video projections of thesis projects by students IED.

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