Aplomb floor lamp / Paolo Lucidi Luca + Pevere for FOSCARINI

foscarini Aplomb T Loc 03
Aplomb floor lamp / Paolo Lucidi Luca + Pevere for FOSCARINI it has been modified: 2020-04-23 di Benedict Flowers

The charm and contemporary raw cement is a new form of expression in a floor lamp from the essential feature, Which draws a flaming torch to grasp and move with ease.

It is AplombDesigned by Paolo Lucidi + Luca Pevere to Foscarini.

Natural evolution of the previous model suspension, Aplomb faces new design challenges. The elegant lines of the body that contains the light source remains conceptually the same, while the proportions have been completely redesigned to make it even more slender. The result is a volume full and rounded when viewed from the front, slightly flattened when viewed from the side.

foscarini Aplomb Earth duo

The white stem supports the body by the strong presence of matter, obtained by casting in a mold a particular cement the special amalgam, Softened at the touch of a layer of transparent finish. The beam of light is intense and directed upwards, completely shielded from view by the form that contains the
light source. The material richness of concrete translates the expressive language of modern architecture in a lamp interiors of great formal simplicity: the absolute core of the project is the dialogue between light and material, to emphasize the purity of the sign and style.

Can be used alone or in multiple compositions of any size, Aplomb ground is available in three finishes which celebrate its personality, bringing together different styles. Going from gray cement raw, which adds depth to the volumes, minimalist elegance of white and a warm brown and intense, Aplomb confirms its presence in all areas, domestic or collective, enhancing the environment for contrast oin attuned the texture of the concrete.

foscarini Aplomb T color 03

foscarini Aplomb T color 02

foscarini Aplomb T color 01

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