Preview iSaloni - Fuorisalone 17-22 April 2012 Milan: Alessandra Scarfò Design

Preview iSaloni - Fuorisalone 17-22 April 2012 Milan: Alessandra Scarfò Design it has been modified: 2012-03-25 di Grace Brardinelli


Alessandra Scarfo, young designers, working in the contemporary international scene, to his credit · boasts projects ranging from the product to the interior, from exhibitions to interactive art installations.

· Its different skills for each area are the expression of an interdisciplinary approach to the study, focused on sustainability, starting from the models of contemporary design.

In design research, attaches great attention to the study of new materials aimed at finding solutions and the quality of the details.

In 2010, presented the collection "Goods of worship"Characterized by self-produced objects.

The collection has supported the AIRC, event beneficial Love Design, at the PAC in Milan, along with the greatest exponents of the design (Kartel, Alessi, Sambonet, Davide Groppi) in the period November 11-13 2011. The same has been selected and exhibited at the fair in Cremona in the YEP (Young Designer Exhibition 2011) in the period November 18-20 2011.

The items are on sale in some stores of Turin, Rivoli (To), Ivrea (To), Como, Milan, Rome, Florence, Modena, Bologna, Antwerp (Belgium) and in the museum store of the Mole Antonelliana, the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Turin, the Guggenheim, the Maxxi in Rome, in the Mart and in the museum store of the Milan Triennale.

At the Salone Satellite, Milan Rho Fair, stand B3 pad.22-24 in the period from the 17 22 April 2012 present some prototypes and interactive wall "Cubes".


The set up of the stand is an installation, composed of volumes protruding from the side walls, which like rocks act as a metaphor for an architecture whose individual components interact to generate a space. The modules are designed as a small unit that determines the intelligence of the whole system.

The interactive wall, whose mechanics was studied by Paolo Chiantore, frames the stand and creates a meeting point with the observer, who is catapulted into the virtual reality of the modular space. With the Cubi installation we intend to experiment visual situations as possible habitable places. The interactive wall absorbs the image of the passer-by who intrigued comes into play with it. The project is inspired by kinetic art that carries out temporal perceptual experiments capable of abolishing the border between the static nature of objects and mobile spaces in participatory environments.

Have given a technical support: Luca Mori, Fulvio and Luca Casacci, Ludovica Venturiello, Grace Berardinelli, Enzo and Francesca Scarfo, Andrea Carnino, company Project, Domenico Borrello, InExpo company, firm SinergiaOne.


In addition, the “Merci di Culto”, “Tazze & Co” and “Sedute Listelli” collections will be exhibited at the MOST space of the Turin Chamber of Commerce at the Science Museum of Milan (Fuorisalone).


For info and contacts: T. + 393402216101, mail.

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