ANGEL! The new arrival in The Vario's family

ANGELO - 2014
ANGEL! The new arrival in The Vario's family it has been modified: 2014-04-01 di PigiTer

The Vario's ( Is the new brand "Made in Italy" that is emerging in the world of high fidelity.

With the introduction of new systems design and innovative construction methods, The Vario's created products from the new forms that distinguish them from any other speaker in the world, making them true objects of "design".

For the construction, revolutionary and uncompromising, are used materials and components of proven quality and reliability, which lead to a sound performance of the highest level.

In this way tend to intercept both the audience of the "aesthetic" is that of "audiophile", combining the need for an aesthetic representation extremely original, compared to the current standard forms, and therefore repetitive, both the need
a product of "excellence" in the reproduction of sound "high fidelity."

The Vario's speakers are part of this evolutionary process, implemented by the fantasy and originality throughout italyana; They are able to repay outstanding performance, all with a reduced depth and a very pleasant, light and original. A product looking very intriguing, can affect any environment thanks to its sophisticated design and innovative.

And in these days it is announced the arrival of a new family member: ANGEL.

As usual, a loudspeaker unconventional features but, this time, the special feature "to 4 streets".

The official presentation will take place during the HIGH END SHOW 2014 of Monaco of Bavaria, the stand specially equipped for a listening test that promises to be exciting for all fans.


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