Andrea Bridges / Fusion: Japanese Kitchen Knives in Ebony and Maple White

andrea bridges fusion-01 knives
Andrea Bridges / Fusion: Japanese Kitchen Knives in Ebony and Maple White it has been modified: 2013-04-24 di Benedict Flowers

East and West, industrial design and craftsmanship: two cultures and two very distant design languages ​​met through the common language of design, in the story of a design experience that ranges from research to the creation of innovative products for the market of different latitudes. The first products born from this collaboration are called “Fusion” and they are two kitchen knives with ebony and white maple designed by Andrew Bridges

Produced in Kyoto and handmade in limited edition by the Japanese artist Issei Hanaoka, refer to the traditional Japanese woodworking technique while maintaining a minimalist spirit and an extremely simplified, contemporary and universal design. Both models feature an ergonomic handle that ensures a comfortable and secure grip. 

andrea bridges fusion-02 knives

Two sizes and two types of blades: serrated and smooth. The first suitable for bread, the second for cheeses, fruit and sweets. The seamless design between handle and blade allows maximum hygiene and easy cleaning. The blade, which in the lower part is less than a tenth of a millimeter thick, makes the knives extremely sharp but at the same time easy to sharpen. Also for the packaging we have decided to rework the traditional Japanese “kiribako” boxes, revisited through the language of Italian design, where form follows function, in this case not only containing the product but protecting it from humidity and keeping it intact over time. Both models are available upon reservation (

andrea bridges fusion-03 knives

andrea bridges fusion-04 knives

andrea bridges fusion-05 knives

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