the Apartment LAKE makers and craftsmen will be the protagonists - Fuorisalone 2013

the Apartment LAKE makers and craftsmen will be the protagonists - Fuorisalone 2013 it has been modified: 2013-04-04 di jessica zannori

Makers, craftsmen, architects and interior designers will work together to re-design a new way of living the house: so l 'Apartment LAKE is transformed into a laboratory of ideas and creativity, open to any kind of contamination.

Play the Matter is the slogan chosen to outline what will be a real revolution in the use of the Apartment LAKE Via Brera 30 2013 on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, A place that has become a fixture in the swirl of events that fill the fuorisalone. The slogan is one of the facets of the Change Play, thought inspiring chosen by LAGO for this year, and that well is the company's intention to be a driver of change, opening themselves to sharing a new way of understanding the design in Key systemic, placing the person at the center and reinterpreting the living spaces as a whole - including the surfaces, colors, objects - in line with changing needs of modern man.

"Playing with the matter", then, but also "play the field" to use the double meaning of the Anglo-Saxon verb, recovering the concept of polyphony which LAKE had promoted last year and which continues to strongly believe. Polyphony given not only by a more extensive use of materials, from glass to wood to polycarbonate, but by a more inclusive approach to interior design, with important collaborations that have led in recent years to realize LAKE wallpapers, coatings, bathrooms, in a wider vision of the concept of "living".

This year, therefore LAKE "plays with the matter" and it does in its own way: by transforming the 'Apartment Via Brera 30 in a real laboratory, open to the public and therefore to all sorts of creative contamination, leading to fuorisalone 2013 two important projects: LAKE MAKERS LAB e RE-DESIGNER. The project LAKE MAKERS LAB brings us back to the art of the "know-how" that has made our country in the world and that perhaps today is the last real barrier to the approval of the product, able to maintain a high level of international competitiveness' Italy.

With LAKE MAKERS LAB LAKE intends to recover these skills with a project that gets to work together and live makers and craftsmen specialized in the processing of a given material, based on a brief that will be announced at the beginning of the day. True to its "systemic" vision of design, LAKE is therefore started from the desire to extend to objects in small series its range of products, and has therefore chosen makers and craftsmen to achieve it: the best pieces that will originate from this project will to form a collection of objects that will be on sale LAKE license plate from the month of May.

9 14 from April to April - from hours to 9 12 - A craftsman and six makers, including one selected through the channel of Facebook LAKE, will work on the theme of the day: the metal (Tuesday 9), wood (Wednesday 10), skin and tissues (Thursday and Friday 11 12) ceramics (Saturday 13). The briefing will be given by Daniel Lake in the morning during a breakfast open to the public, organized in collaboration with 7gr. The initiative is organized by LAGO in collaboration with Make Tank -

The project REDESIGNER It has the ambitious goal to redefine the standard of interior design of the future by creating a community of international professionals. To achieve this goal LAKE organizes two workshops during the exhibition design and a series of informal conversations that take place in apartment. In both cases, the distinctive element of this process will be the contamination of designers with specialists from different disciplines such as sociology and economy, which will bring their culture, stimulating reflections different from the ordinary, but because of this - we We hope - can give new life and ideas to an industry that too often turns self.

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