AGORA ', Nicola De Ponti for TUBES IN CERSAIE 2012

Tubes Cersaie 2012
AGORA ', Nicola De Ponti for TUBES IN CERSAIE 2012 it has been modified: 2012-07-15 di Benedict Flowers

Classic and contemporary, combining formal research and technological innovation: Agora Tubes It is the ideal solution for every room in the house. Suitable for new buildings, it is perfect for renovations: thanks to its versatility can be placed from scratch or replace old radiators without the need for masonry operations.

Made entirely of extruded aluminum, with standard center distances and different sizes and versions, Agora plays on the modularity of the modular elements, rather wide (13,7 cm), but also on the height, passing by the lightness of the monumentality of 40 280 cm cm.

Another factor of interest, in particular for renovation projects, is the possibility of cutting out the measuring elements, obtaining customized versions on the basis of specific requirements.

A very low water content and high energy savings, Agora presents a very large surface area, given by fins which are located inside the radiator, to allow optimal thermal yield. To maintain the sculptural character and purity of lines, the valves can be connected remotely, released by the heating body or traditionally connected to the heater.

The aesthetic versatility given by the possibility to play with colors and finishes, starting from the classic radiator quote cast iron, is a further characteristic of Agorà. The slits that open on the front allow numerous combinations between the color of the radiator and the background wall, which can be in the same color, contrast, or, especially in the event of restructuring or antique environments, to natural.

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